PRovoke Media and NowGoCreate are launching the seventh edition of their landmark survey into creativity in the PR industry.

This year's study comes 12 months since the outbreak of Covid-19, which has shaken the world to its core — leaving no business untouched, and impacting the PR industry in extraordinary ways.

With the PR profession more important than ever in helping governments, brands and individuals communicate, the 2021 study will focus on creativity in the age of Covid. Specifically, it aims to examine how creative processes and practices have changed as a result of the pandemic, which has rapidly reshaped how people live, work and consume. 

As usual, the survey will also seek to analyze the PR industry's efforts to win the war for ideas, in a world where traditional boundaries between brand-building disciplines are breaking down fast. The 10-minute survey can be accessed here — all respondents are welcome.

“When the Chief Economist at the Bank of England voices his concerns about remote working and the negative impact on creativity – and thus innovation and economic growth - we know that one of the core skills for PR professionals is on the radar at the highest level," says Now Go Create founder and survey co-author Claire Bridges.

"Andy Haldane’s comments piqued my interest to dig deeper into the consequences for the PR industry," says Bridges. "As a small business owner, specialising in mainly face-to-face training for over a decade, post a long stint agency-side, I’ve personally had no option but to ‘pivot’ to find new ways to work. It’s been challenging to say the least. And I’m working daily with agencies, brands and charities who are struggling too with online meeting overwhelm and distractions like homeschooling (I’m being ‘mummy-ied’ as I type this). The lack of inspiration, connection, headspace and spontaneity is having a devastating effect on creative output.

"So in this special Covid edition of the Creativity In PR Study we'd love to know how you’re managing. Is it harder to be creative? Are you running brainstorms online? Are you using any tech that's helping? Have you seen any upside to WFH at all?"

"Our human capacities for creativity and critical thinking have been identified as key skills essential for the future workforce," adds Bridges. "Please do take part and let us know how you are adapting."

The study is co-authored by PRovoke Media and creative training consultancy Now Go Create.

The 10-minute survey can be accessed here — all respondents are welcome. Final deadline is 26 February.