PRovoke Media and NowGoCreate, in conjunction with FleishmanHillard, are launching the ninth edition of their landmark survey into creativity in the PR industry.

This year's study comes amid the rise of generative AI, and follows the Covid-19 era, which formed the focus of last year's Creativity in PR study

The 2023 study will deepen the focus into how the PR industry is developing earned-first creative ideas, at a time of immense competitive pressure from other disciplines. In addition, it will explore how generative AI tools like ChatGPT are reshaping the sector's creative approach. 

The survey will also continue to analyze creative talent and hiring trends in detail, along with how clients are working with PR firms from a creative perspective. 

The 10-minute survey can be accessed here — all respondents are welcome. The deadline for responses is 2 October.

The study is co-authored by PRovoke Media and creative training consultancy Now Go Create.

“Having benchmarked and documented the role of creativity in PR for over a decade now, I’m curious as to how AI is impacting creativity in PR at this incredibly significant moment in time for the industry," said Now Go Create founder Claire Bridges. "Are you using it as a collaborator, to write, to crunch data to find insights or to assist or even replace some ideation methods? No one knows where this will shake out but there is no doubt in my mind that creative processes and outputs are set to change fundamentally for the PR industry as a result of our relationship with, and adoption of, AI."