Ishviene Arora | The Innovator 25 North America 2022

Ishviene Arora

President & Chief Client Officer

New York

One of three Vested co-founders, Ishviene Arora has been intent from the beginning on growing an agency that is as dedicated to the wellbeing of employees as results for clients. A listener and a problem solver, Arora supports and encourages employees by taking the time for one-on-one meetings with junior staff among other efforts. Serving a predominantly male industry, Arora also leads with intent, with an eye on showing younger women that they, too, can do their work with confidence, intelligence and fearlessness. She encourages women to be bold in asking for what they want and not let motherhood hurt their careers, while – as a mother herself – acknowledging the myths around work-life balance and what it means to be both a mother and successful businesswoman. Arora’s efforts are paying off; Vested had a 90% employee retention rate through the Covid pandemic.