Kimberly Mabe | The Innovator 25 North America 2022

Kimberly Mabe

Senior VP, Corporate Digital
Zeno Group


Since joining Zeno in 2021, Kimberly Mabe has played a leading role in giving digital thought leadership content a personal flair, so that it reads like it is coming from a person rather than a press release. Though initially executives were reticent to play a role in developing their digital presence, Mabe changed that by, over the course of a year, demonstrating how personalized content could drive engagement. She then turned her attention to executives themselves, developing a copywriting guide for Hyatt and mandating that executives, no matter how busy, attend an intro session with team members to get to know each other and discuss priorities and strategy, resulting in a custom executive playbook. Since spring 2023, six executives from organizations including Ulta Beauty, G6 Hospital and The US Olympic & Paralympic Committee have fulfilled that requirement; the first client who did so saw a 41% increase in month-over-month-engagement.