Social Media & Community Management

Social Media & Community Management Categories & Winners 

Best Use of Facebook

No Woman Should Die Giving Life: Merck for Mothers Builds and Engages a Facebook Community to Get Informed About Maternal Mortality

Merck with MMC

Women in developed still die in childbirth and Merck with MMC addressed this problem through Merck for Mothers, a 10-year, $500 million global initiative towards creating a world where no woman dies giving life. 

Merck and MMC’s charge is to build U.S. awareness about maternal mortality and Merck’s contributions to addressing it.


Best Use of Twitter

Clorox Ick Awards

The Clorox Company with Ketchum

The Clorox Company with Ketchum  sought to target 25-40 year olds and are heavy consumers of media and social media. 

To connect with these younger parents, they used social media channels and brand messaging that would resonate with this age group and result in shareable branded content.


Best Use of LinkedIn

Lenovo North America Channel Partner LinkedIn Program

Lenovo with Text100

Text100 sought to improve and strengthen the communication between Lenovo and its channel partners. The partners were joining industry discussions on LinkedIn, but there was no Lenovo-specific destination for them. The partners were seeking a space that fostered conversation and allowed for questions and peer engagement. 

Text100 and Lenovo were able to build and sustain an active LinkedIn group for Lenovo North American channel partners that is a source of shareable content, perspectives and opinions.

Best Use of Pinterest

Pin a Meal. Give a Meal.

Land O'Lakes with Exponent PR

Exponent created an engaging and relevant cause-marketing program, ultimately motivating the brand’s core consumers to get involved with Land O’Lakes’ donation to Feeding America.

Pin a Meal. Give a Meal. spread organically and the idea of sharing meal ideas took on a whole new meaning. Every pin included a message about hunger in the U.S. and how to help. Collectively, they were seen by millions of people.


Best Use of Vine

Showcasing the Creative Potential of Samsung Devices in the #GalaxyVine Studio
Samsung Mobile US with Edelman

The Edelman Digital team helped Samsung Mobile US bring the experience of Vine to life in an offline environment for the first time. This gave both seasoned Vine users and first-timers the chance to learn about the platform and the art of stop-motion video as well as the opportunity to participate in a fully immersive and hands-on experience. 

The Edelman Digital team worked directly with users to generate engaging social content - shot entirely on the Galaxy line of devices - enforcing Samsung Mobile US as a creative force on Vine and beyond at #GalaxyVine.


Best Use of Blogging

H&R Block Grows Audience Share and Engages Hispanic Community with Block Talk Blog

H&R Block with Shift Communications

SHIFT Communications worked with H&R Block to remain relevant past the April 15 tax deadline.

SHIFT lead by building out rich content and engaging with contributing influencers to target specific audiences. By providing consumers with consistently relevant personal finance information, geared toward a more digitally-minded consumer, H&R Block has now established itself as a reliable and approachable year-round player in the financial services industry.


Social Media Collective

IEEE: Engineering Goes Social

IEEE with Finn Partners

Finn Partners set out to make IEEE’s Facebook and Twitter profiles the largest and most active online communities for engineers and truly place IEEE at the forefront of innovation. 

Today, IEEE’s online community is larger than some of the largest tech communities. IEEE grew exponentially in its reach, engagement and followership across its digital communities. Finn Partners helped IEEE shifted public opinion from thinking it was behind the times to a leader in innovative thinking.


Crowd-sourcing and Co-Creating

Frank's RedHot #IPTSOE UGC Campaign

Frank's Red Hot and MSLGROUP

MSLGroup harnessed the power of the passionate fan base of Frank's RedHot by updating its brand campaign, already popular on radio and TV, with the tagline  “I Put That $h!t on Everything”.  This gave Frank's RedHot a fresh update for social and digital media while making its dedicated followers experience more shareable and helping to raise brand awareness nationwide.  


Real-time engagement

Allen & Gerritsen's Brand Newsroom

Allen & Gerritsen

Allen & Gerritsen’s Brand Newsroom was created to put its clients’ names into the news and social conversations of the day in interesting and culturally relevant ways. 

Brand Newsroom was developed as a way to see and seize those fleeting moments in time, when chance events enable a brand to participate in the important news stories and conversations of the day.