Rustom Dastoor | The Innovator 25 Asia-Pacific 2020

Rustom Dastoor

SVP, Head of Marketing and Communications, Asia-Pacific 



Mastercard's branding moves in recent times have attracted plenty of coverage, thanks to the financial services giant's decision to shift away from advertising, followed by the launch of a new 'sonic brand'. Both moves are geared towards helping Mastercard better inhabit the ecommerce era, amid the rise of mobile and voice-enabled devices. And as Asia-Pacific marketing chief, Rustom Dastoor plays a key role in this effort, given the focus on mobile marketing in Asia. Dastoor also works with the company’s stakeholders to bolster corporate reputation and has overseen the pivot to experiential and online in 2020 — all of which reflects both his six years of experience in senior Mastercard marketing roles across the globe, and his Ogilvy background.