Dave Gilboa | The Innovator 25 2014 | Holmes Report


The Innovator 25: Dave Gilboa

Co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker since 2009
New York

"I think the best businesses are always thinking about not ‘how much margin can we squeeze out of our customers’ but ‘how can we provide more value to our customers.

For co-founding a company that defines what social enterprise means in the modern era. For being smart about how Warby Parker promotes its social mission in its marketing messages — and not overplaying its hand — because “historically, it was easier for brands to be opaque about practices and partnerships, today it’s impossible to hide.” And because the name “Warby Parker” comes from a May 2009 trip Gilboa took to the New York Public Library where he came across a Jack Kerourac exhibit and noticed two interesting character names from Kerourac’s old papers: Warby Pepper and Zagg Parker.