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Holding Groups  

The following is the ranking of 2015 revenue from the PR operations of major holding groups and independent networks.

20162015AgencyHQFee Income 2015 ($)Growth (Reported)
12Interpublic Group 1USA1,500,000,0007.14%
23WPP 2UK1,389,150,0005.94%
31Omnicom Group 3USA1,360,000,000-2.86%
4-BlueFocus Communication Group 4China1,294,275,78944.31%
54DJE Holdings 5USA901,919,8215.87%
65PROI Worldwide 6UK702,768,18414.27%
76Publicis Groupe 7France480,000,000-2.04%
8 7Worldcom Public Relations Group 8
USA288,000,000 0.0%
8Huntsworth Group 9UK247,548,0002.25%
IPREX 10UK230,000,0004.54%
10Havas PR 11France225,000,0007.14%
1211Next 15 12UK190,806,00018.86%

2016 PR Holding Group Ranking: WPP Overtakes Omnicom

WPP's PR operations overtook Omnicom in 2015, regaining the effective top spot among holding group PR operations. While Interpublic's CMG unit reported more ($1.7bn), this includes several firms that do not specialise in PR; accordingly WPP's PR operations are likely to once again be the largest in the world.

The holding group table also features China's BlueFocus Communication Group for the first time, which debuts at fifth place after growing revenues by 44%. There was also good growth from Next 15, while PROI Worldwide — which remains the largest collection of independent PR firms in the world — was up 14% compared to 2014.

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