Alexandra Dimiziani | The Innovator 25 2016
Alexandra Dimiziani In25The Innovator 25:

Alexandra Dimiziani

Global marketing director

San Francisco


Newly-ensconced as Airbnb's global marketing director in San Francisco, Dimiziani previously led EMEA marketing duties for the accommodation disruptor, describing the job as a "match made in heaven". Dimiziani brings a unique background to her position, having worked in numerous roles across advertising, brand consultancy and marketing, building a range of experiences as diverse as luxury brand strategy and communications for brands such as Ralph Lauren; marketing highly-subsidized health products, like condoms, to the most vulnerable populations in central Africa for an NGO; producing global integrated marketing campaigns and leading content for Coca-Cola; lobbying government officials for tax exemptions; and, managing internal change and investor relations. Unsurprisingly, Dimiziani describes herself as an "entrepreneur at heart", noting that her 'lattice' career path is a "reflection of my deeply held belief that most innovation arises from extracting lessons and approaches from one area and applying them to another."