Teddy Goff | The Innovator 25 2016
Teddy GoffThe Innovator 25:

Teddy Goff    


Precision Strategies 

"I am biased, but I believe Hillary Clinton is running the most technologically and analytically innovative campaign ever."


President Obama's digital strategy has become the modern playbook across American politics. During the groundbreaking 2008 election cycle, Goff oversaw Obama's email and social media programs and online organizing across more than 25 battleground states. By 2012, Goff was digital director for President Obama's reelection campaign, managing a 250-person team responsible for everything digital. Ultimately, Goff's efforts contributed to Obama for America raising more than $690 million and registered more than a million voters online. His next big challenge is shoring up comparable victories for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. 

Describe what you do.
I help run a small digital, communications, and data analytics firm that works with progressive candidates, nonprofits, and brands.

Where are you from/hometown?

Where are you based now?

In what area of marketing/PR do you see the most innovation?
Planning &Measurement

What is most important for the PR industry to do to foster more innovation?
Change the industry culture

How do you define innovation?
Providing the best possible experience to every single user, whether that means building fancy new tools or having the discipline just to do something old-fashioned if that's what fits the bill.

Most innovative PR/comms campaign you've seen in the last 12 months?
I am biased, but I believe the Hillary Clinton is running the most technologically and analytically innovative campaign ever.

Describe a moment in your career that you would consider 'innovative.'
Helping arrange for President Obama to do an AMA on Reddit, before AMAs became a relatively standard part of the communications toolkit.

Least favorite time of day?

Camp counselor
Bookstore clerk
SAT tutor
Senate intern
Editorial assistant
Obama campaign assistant