Innovator 25 Americas 2020 | PRovoke Media
This year marks our 8th annual Innovator 25 in the Americas. Once again, this year’s list features remarkable innovators who are addressing the industry’s challenges with ingenuity and insight to make meaningful (and hopefully lasting) change at time when it's needed more than ever. This tumultuous year has forced the industry to embrace change and reimagine the future of work, campaigns and even live events.

Among the innovators on this year's list are those who are ensuring communications operates at a policy level within their organizations, those who are forcing agencies and brands to move beyond canned responses to DE&I, data-driven business leaders who are striking the elusive balance between analytics and human intelligence, those who are taking risks and producing groundbreaking creative across emerging platforms, and those who realize the pandemic will permanently change how we engage and work — and are embracing this future. You can read the full profiles this year's Innovator 25, including why they were selected and a Q&A with them on innovation, by clicking on the names in the right-hand column. 

We have also collected insights and trends among this year's innovators in the infographic below, including the organizations they com from, the organizations they admire, their collective take on the PR industry's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to innovation, and more.