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Andreas Gall

The Innovator 25: Andreas Gall

Chief technology officer, Red Bull Media House


Paid Media & Marketing

Whether it is extreme sports videos, an independent music label or athelete sponsorships, Red Bull Media House has redefined how any brand, much less an energy drink, can build an innovative cultural presence. As Red Bull's content arm, Red Bull Media House oversees all communications and media, and was launched by Gall in 2007. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to transform Red Bull's global positioning around sought-after content — including more than 120,000 assets in its online archive. Gall's work demonstrates the importance of pushing limits and thinking beyond convention; it is notable how many fellow Innovators picked Red Bull as one of their favourite brands. His role as CTO, furthermore, marks him out for his mastery of platforms, a critical component for anyone looking to make their content appeal in today's world.