Kaitlyn Wilkins | The Innovator 25

Kaitlyn Wilkins

The Innovator 25: Kaitlyn Wilkins

Director of engagement marketing & social media, Burberry


Influence & Engagement

After spending several years in senior roles at Socia@Ogilvy, Wilkins took one of the industry's most sought-after social media positions at Burberry, the venerable UK brand that has put digital strategy at the core of its brand platform. Succeeding Musa Tariq at Burberry was not the easiest of tasks, but Wilkins has successfully maintained Burberry's digital momentum, overseeing successful expansion onto Asian social platforms such as WeChat and Line, and deepening its engagement with Twitter. Perhaps in recognition of this success, Wilkins recently added engagement marketing to her remit, charged with leading Burberry's in-house strategy and planning team that works across the business to set marketing strategy and coordinate channel teams.