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Dustee Tucker Jenkins 

Senior Vice President, Communications

Target has, itself, become a target of sorts for taking equality stances in some of the social issues of our day – LGBT rights and gender stereotypes in marketing toys. These, plus high-profiles issues like its data breach and bringing on a new CEO, point to the considerable heft Dustee Tucker Jenkins manages as head of communications for Target. 

She joined the company in 2010, taking responsibility for all external communications and media relations, enterprise-wide internal communications and Target’s corporate website. She leads a team of more than 50 communications professionals. In addition to corporate reputation issues noted (as well as its Canada exit and a multi-billion exit of its pharma business), Jenkins worked on the debut of designer collaborations and launched an online news magazine (A Bullseye View) that garners more than one million unique monthly views and acts as a platform to break company news. 

Prior to joining Target, Jenkins was a director at Public Strategies where she served as in-house communications director for a leading information technology company. She also served as the director of communications of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as an appointee of President George W. Bush, and previously served in the press office of former US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Please share a notable career highlight. 
Helping Target navigate it's high-profile data breach and CEO departure.

What is the most rewarding/challenging aspect about a career in communications/marketing?
The need to be always-on due to evolving media landscape.

What skills/experience will the CCO of the future need that may not be required today?
Innate understanding of social media.

What skill/experience is required of today's CCO that might not be as relevant in the future?
Partnership with traditional magazine editors and publications.

Who or what inspires you to be your best? 
A drive to constantly raise the bar day after day.

What is on your must-read/view/listen to list? 
Wall street journal, Harvard Business Review

Most interesting place you've traveled to?