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Marc Mathieu 


Mathieu joined Samsung last year after four years leading global marketing at Unilever. He now oversees televisions, home appliances and mobile devices — but the core, he is looking for the company’s follow-up marketing effort to “The Next Big Thing” campaign. So far, that’s included a new campaign that focuses on the simpler, more mundane activities people can do with their Galaxy devices under four categories: Go, Explore, Create and Move. He’s also a big advocate for virtual reality saying it “may be the closest to teleportation we will ever have in our lifetime."  

At Unilever, Mathieu was responsible for the development of Unilever’s global marketing strategy ‘Crafting Brands for Life’ to build brands with purpose that improve the lives of the people they serve. Prior to joining Unilever, Mathieu was SVP of global brand marketing at Coca-Cola. He left Coca-Cola in 2008 and founded the strategic brand consultancy, BeDo, which worked to build brands with purpose and fuse marketing and sustainability agendas.