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Pete Marino

Chief public affairs and communications officer

Having conquered the agency business—building one of the most creative midsize firms in the US before selling it to Minneapolis-based ad agency Olson—Marino has spent the past four years making the client side of the business look easy.

He was named chief public affairs and communications officer at the MillerCoors in September 2014, having served as vice president of communications at MillerCoors since 2012 and according to a memo from chief executive Tom Long to employees having “led a significant talent upgrade in the function, launched the highly acclaimed MCTV platform and delivered successful major events like the MillerCoors distributor convention and fall distributor meetings.”

Marino joined MillerCoors from his role as president of Olson’s public relations operations. Earlier, he was a consultant with The Boston Consulting Group and manager of marketing communications for Miller Brewing Company.

Please share a notable career highlight. 
Starting, growing and selling Dig has certainly been a highlight. It was incredibly rewarding to help build such a special place. Currently, I am leading a project to help MillerCoors rethink how we engage consumers through experiences at our tour centers. We have under-resourced these critical spaces to engage and inspire consumers behind our stories and that's about to dramatically change. I am also leading a very exciting M&A team that has the potential to make a massive impact on our business for years to come.

What is the most rewarding/challenging aspect about a career in communications/marketing?
It's highly fluid and the range of issues I deal with on a daily basis can be amazing. I can go from meeting with the Speaker of the House on an issue that can have a long term impact on the beer business to working with our agencies to developing a plan to amplify our brands in unique and creative ways to helping to make a strategic decision on a new brand entry with a long term impact for MillerCoors. The diversity of the issues I deal with on a daily basis across the spectrum of my role is very rewarding and challenging at the same time.

What skills/experience will the CCO of the future need that may not be required today?
Increasingly, an ability to weave yourself into every facet of the organization, starting with the commercial end of the business. It will not be enough for CCOs to only impact the non-commercial end of the business. Commercially savvy and financially literate CCOs will be required in the future to maximize the impact of our function. The CCO can play a critical integration role across the organization as well.

Who or what inspires you to be your best? 
My family inspires me every day to make an impact and leave a positive legacy.I am driven to do great work to advance the role and impact of communications as a critical strategic and influential function.

What is on your must-read/view/listen to list? 
I am currently reading Originals by Adam Grant. It's a terrific book.

Most interesting place you've traveled to?
I have been lucky to have visited some spectacular places, but a South African safari has been the most interesting and magical place so far.