Jacqui O'Sullivan | Influence 100

Jacqui O’Sullivan

Executive, Corporate Affairs
South Africa



When it comes to communications, Jacqui O’Sullivan told PRovoke Media earlier this year, “There are two non-negotiables I have when I join a company: one is that I only report to CEOs, which is a requirement because if you report to the CEO you are always on the executive committee, which means you are able to keep your finger on the pulse. And the second thing is that internal communications has to sit with me, for all the reasons that have already been discussed.”

Her background goes some way to explaining how she came to view communications as mission critical. She has worked in high-stakes, issues-rich sectors including media, aviation (covering both airports and airlines), the oil and gas sector and telecommunications (both fixed line and mobile). She has worked on crises ranging from multiple emergency aircraft landings, a hijacked plane, air side heists, deaths and births in airport terminals, mining accidents, fires and large politically-fueled protests.

O’Sullivan is currently head of corporate affairs and sustainability for MTN, Africa's largest mobile network operator, which serves 272 million customers in 19 markets, and one of the continent’s most respected brands.