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Rajesh Kapoor

Chief Marketing Officer
Saudi Aramco
Saudi Arabia



Listed as lucky number 13 in Forbes’ Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, Rajesh Kapoor says he’s all about relationships. He’s even written the book on it, publishing Return on Relationships in 2013 and describes himself not just as a CMO but also a speaker, author and provocateur. He began evangelising on the concept of return on relationships in 2009 and says this premise is still the basis of his overall philosophy.

Before joining Saudi Arabia’s state owned energy company Aramco, Kapoor spent seven years as marketing director at Shell, and before that, at ExxonMobil. He was also VP marketing for tech conglomerate Rakuten, where he sat on the advisory board.

Kapoor holds an Executive MBA in International Marketing from Harvard, and an MBA International Marketing from Boston University. Aramco’s CEO Amin Nasser told CNBC in June 2023 that he’s looking to China and India to prop up oil markets, and that demand remains strong despite an expected global downturn.