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Julia Goldin 

Chief Product & Marketing Officer



Julia Goldin has been CMO at Lego, one of the world’s most-loved brands, since 2015, joining from Revlon, where she was global chief marketing officer for over three years. She previously had a 13-year career with the Coca-Cola Company, where she held several senior global and regional marketing roles, including division marketing director of Northwest Europe and deputy chief marketing officer of Japan.

Goldin’s remit is broad: she leads a team of 1,800 people around the world, spanning product development, marketing, research and insights, licensing and partnerships, the in-house Lego creative agency and Lego Education. She is responsible for leading the creation of Lego play experiences, as well as developing the product portfolio and experience, as well as marketing, and building the brand through content, communication, and digital channels.

Among Lego’s top marketer’s big drives has been accelerating digital innovation, including a partnership with Epic Games to create a metaverse experience that was safe to children, and its Builder app, where downloads have hit almost 14 million. Goldin has also supported Lego’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, including its ‘Play Unstoppable’ partnership with female role models.

Goldin has helped the brand transform from ‘just’ being a plastic brick manufacturer a decade ago by focusing on four key values: promoting and defending every child’s right to play; innovating by embracing change; collaborating with people who love the brand; and supporting children. Along the way, it is partnering with organisations to make a difference in communities worldwide through its Lego Foundation, including, over the past year, working with teachers across Ukraine on training sessions that use play to support social-emotional learning and provide psychosocial support to children in the war-torn country. “Maintaining relevance and staying true to your brand purpose doesn’t happen by accident,” she said.