Adrienne Lofton | Influence 100

Adrienne Lofton

Senior Vice President, Global Brand Management
Under Armour



“Every time a woman won, she got compared to men,” Lofton said last year about the 2016 summer Olympics, at an event launching the Under Armour campaign ‘Unlike Any’. “We had to start thinking about how to change this conversation. Why is there always a framing that when a woman does well, she’s compared to the greatness of a man? We needed to remove gender from the conversation.”

As well as spearheading ‘Unlike Any’, Lofton is credited as one of the forces behind Under Armour’s ‘I Will What I Want’ campaign, both of which have been called “breathtaking”.

It’s this “underdog spirit” that is so powerful and makes Under Armour’s marketing resonate with athletes from all sports, from basketball to boxing to ballet. Lofton has been with Under Armour since 2008, but took a breather from April 2013 to December 2014 to be CMO of the Dockers brand at Levi Strauss. Before Under Armour, she had stints at Target, General Motors and Gap.