Christine Graeff | Influence 100

Christine Graeff

Director General Communications
European Central Bank
Germany, Europe



As the European Central Bank’s top communications professional, Christine Graeff handles one of the EU’s most challenging, and important, comms assignments. In times of continuing political and economic uncertainty, Graeff oversees the ECB’s efforts to engage with EU citizens, particularly in communicating the benefits of the Euro. She arrived at the end of 2012 to oversee media relations, outreach and protocol, as well as multimedia and language services, and is known as being an energetic, optimistic community builder with a strong sense of both the private and public sector.

One of her accomplishments has been working on the Single Supervisory Mechanism — the financial supervisor for EU countries – for which she designed communication governance, contributing to the soundness of the European banking system by increasing financial integration and stability.

Prior to joining the ECB, Graeff spent 12 years with Brunswick, specialising in financial services and rising to the role of partner.