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Andre Manning

Global Head of PR & PA

When he made the move from Philips—one of Europe’s largest and best-established business—for a newly-created communications role at internet travel company, Andre Manning acknowledged that it was “quite a change,” but embraced the challenge of building the company’s reputation and learning about “the internet of things.”

To that task, Manning will bring a wealth of corporate experience and expertise in measuring the impact of public relations, drawing on his work at Philips, where he developed metrics that went far beyond traditional media analysis to focus on a variety of key performance indicators. Manning held various international communications leadership positions within Philips, In the 90s, he was based in Prague, helping develop the company’s communications network in Central and Eastern Europe.

In 2001, he moved back to Amsterdam work on corporate media relations team and financial and strategic communications. In 2005, he moved to New York, and was responsible for enhancing Philips’ reputation in the US before taking over as head of global communications for the company’s healthcare business. He was named CCO in 2009, moving back to the company’s headquarters in the Netherlands and leading a network of 50 communications professionals around the globe.

What do you consider your career highlight?
My recent move to

What is the best advice you ever received?
You're never too old to learn

What is your favorite PR campaign?
Launch of Apple in 1984

What do you enjoy most about working in PR?
Working with people and data and able to influence

What was your biggest career break?
Had none until now

Who was your mentor and why?
My wife Jannette as she always provides me with outside in perspectives

Who inspires you?
My family

What are your favorite media, offline and online?
New York Times and

What is your favorite gadget?
My I-pad

In one sentence, sell a career in communications to a new graduate.
If you want to have fun and impact, this is the place to be.

What is your favorite city for business travel?