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Marc Pritchard

Global Brand Building Officer
Procter & Gamble

Marc Pritchard may not be a PR practitioner by trade, but as P&G’s global marketing chief he oversees one of the world’s largest public relations budgets, and one of its smartest PR operations. Pritchard has been quick to embrace PR’s unique advantages since taking on his role in 2008, declaring in 2010 that “PR is the most authentic form of marketing.” In particular, Pritchard believes effective public relations can build meaningful relationships with consumers, turning them into customers, and turning customers into brand ambassadors.

Accordingly, Pritchard has also helped P&G finetune its measurement and remuneration systems to better reflect the role PR plays in its campaigns and has ensured that P&G’s PR agencies have a genuine, coveted, spot at the top-table of strategic brand planning. Pritchard has also overseen the landmark integration of the company’s marketing and communications capabilities, which saw its entire public relations operation consolidate under his leadership.

A 33-year veteran of P&G, Pritchard’s uniquely integrated role — he oversees all brand-building functions, including design and public relations — make him, perhaps, the most powerful figure in the marketing world. Accordingly, his plans to consolidate P&G’s agency roster have sparked considerable interest.