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Olga Podoinitsyna

Global Head of Communications and Marketing
VTB Capital

In addition to serving as global head of communications and marketing for Russian investment firm VTB Capital, Olga Podoinitsyna is a member of the company’s board—a level of seniority achieved by relatively few public relations professionals even in more developed markets. Responsible for the development and implementation of VTB Capital’s communications and marketing strategy, and for communications across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA, Podoinitsyna has overseen the company’s transition from a new market player to an established name in the global investment banking community. According to Yuri Soloviev, chairman of the board of directors of VTB Capital. “She builds excellent working relations based on trust, with both her business partners and her staff.” VTB Capital has also been named Russia’s most transparent investment company in each of the past three years, a priority for Podoinitsyna, who says: “A transparent communications policy is one of our top priorities…. VTB Capital’s active participation in the global dialogue is important for raising awareness of investment opportunities in Russia among the international economic community.” Prior to joining VTB Capital in April 2008, Podoinitsyna worked at Deutsche Bank (Moscow) for eight years, and has worked as a consultant at PriceWaterhouse, Burson Marsteller.

What do you consider your career highlight?
- VTB Capital positioning in global markets from scratch - Deutsche Bank corporate culture and brand platform - The career start in the PW/big 7 in time of the Russian market start up

What is the best advice you ever received?
To keep direct communications with people as priority despite tough schedule and number of priorities

What is your favorite PR campaign?
Start up of the VTB Capital in 2008

What do you enjoy most about working in PR?
Emotional intelligence at work

What was your biggest career break?
The opportunity to run Communucations and Marketing in VTB Capital. It was a chance to lead promotion for the one of the most new, exciting and dynamic businesses, a chance to influence the big strategic decisions. To be female business leader, recognised by my colleagues, is one of my achievements. I like thought of coming in to work every day knowing that our business is the partner of choice for others around the world, and knowing that we continue to support positive development.

 Who was your mentor and why?
Usually, it is your practice and your shareholders, because of the best and prompt feed back, examples, patterns and expertise

Who inspires you?
Strong and interesting characters. Like Thatcher, Churchill, Disraeli, Alexander II

What are your favorite media, offline and online?
FT, WSJ, Bloomberg, CNBC

What is your favorite gadget?
IPad and bb

In one sentence, sell a career in communications to a new graduate.
To run the soft power and to be in the centre of people, events, decisions, development and the future.

What is your favorite city for business travel?
London. You can kill all birds with one stone.