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David Kamanetzky

Vice president, corporate affairs and strategic initiatives

As a private, family-owned company, Mars has not always been as committed to transparency and proactive communications, but in recent years the company has become more open and more willing to engage on the critical issues—from sustainability to nutrition—and to make PR an integral part of its marketing. David Kamenetzky has been with Mars since 2006 and is currently corporate vice president, corporate affairs and strategic initiatives and a member of the global management team. He has held positions with responsibility for corporate communications, government affairs and regulatory policy, internationally and in Europe and the CIS. Before joining Mars, he worked for Goldman Sachs, where he advised clients on transaction and restructuring-related corporate, financial and governmental issues in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He has also worked on the foreign policy team of then-US Senator Chuck Hagel, focusing on European affairs, and worked with the Central Council of the Jews in Germany and the European Jewish Congress.