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Roma Balwani

President, Group Communications, Sustainability & CSR
Vedanta Group

Roma Balwani has carved out a reputation as one of India’s most outspoken PR professionals, both inside and outside her company. And Balwani will likely need all of those qualities in droves at Vedanta Resources, the mining group that has attracted more reputation scrutiny than most. Balwani, who reports to CEO Tom Albanese, sits on Vedanta's executive committee, with the sustainability, CSR and communications functions all reporting into her. Prior to joining Vedanta, she spent six years as Mahindra's communications and CSR head.

Career highlight
Working now in the natural resources sector which contributes 0.4% to India's GDP

Best advice
Be grounded,start small and scale up,build your network, aim high and be resilient. Have a collaborative mindset.

Favourite campaign
The Google ad which fostered nostalgia between two neighbouring countries. India and Pakistan

Enjoy most 
Building the company's brand proposition and bringing strategic communication in the forefront as a business enabler.

Biggest career break
When I joined a Danish company Larsen & Toubro during my early career which proved to be the game changer in my  professional outlook and which enabled me to reach a pinnacle in my career.

Most important mentor 
Today as I look back from my career perspective as well as my personal growth, there have been many who have mentored and inspired me to push the envelope and hitch my wagon to a star.

Life is an inspiration and I am thankful for living it on my own terms.

Favourite media
Times of India offline and WSJ online.

Favourite gadget
My Blackberry.

In one sentence, sell a career in communications to a new graduate.
It is a strategic function which can catapult you with no age barrier to participate at a board level if you are articulate and can deliver on a communication strategy innovatively and bring thought leadership to the fore.

Favourite city for business travel
Delhi, India