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Michael Rossa

VP, market communications, corporate communications and government affairs

Werner von Siemens once said: “I will never sacrifice the future for momentary gain.” That kind of long-term thinking still permeates the corporate culture at the company he founded, and as vice president in charge of marketing, corporate communications and government affairs Michael Rossa plays a major role in ensuring that it continues to inform decision-making at the German engineering and technology services company. Responsible for Siemens’ corporate brand, advertising, media, sponsoring and events, Rossa has also helped to globalize the company’s brand, emphasizing strong local roots in each of the markets in which it operates; to step up research and monitoring to better understand the factors driving Siemens’ reputation; and to lead the company’s push into social media, encouraging employees to participate in social conversations. Before he joined Siemens in 1997, Rossa worked with a design agency in Munich. His professional experience at Siemens includes two years of corporate design management and three years of responsibility for the appearance of the brand on the web.