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Jay Carney 

SVP, Global Corporate Affairs 



Amazon’s power and profitability has exploded during the pandemic, but it hasn’t all gone smoothly for the world’s largest retailer. Charges of unsafe working conditions, which led to employee walkouts and protests, antitrust hearings in the US and criticism of the company’s environmental impact — and policy — were all part the Amazon Covid-era experience. In May 2021, the company made a high-profile, $8.45 billion deal to buy MGM.

Since 2015, former Obama White House press secretary Jay Carney has played a leading role in steering the company through addressing the multitude of public affairs issues as senior VP of global corporate affairs. Highlights of Carney’s tenure include his help playing matchmaker in one of the most fascinating and consequential business deals of 2017: Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods. When, less than a year into his tenure the New York Times published a somewhat epic takedown of Amazon’s work culture, Carney took the unprecedented step of publishing his response, “What The New York Times Didn’t Tell You.” on Medium. The New Yorker, among other publications, analyzed his response and what this ultimately means for the balance of power between journalists and corporate spokespeople.

Carney was White House press secretary for three years before stepping down in June 2014. Before that he was director of communications for Vice President Joe Biden. Carney previously served as Washington bureau chief for Time magazine, a post he held from September 2005 until December 2008, after joining the magazine in 1989.