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David Roman

United States

Since joining Lenovo more than seven years ago, former HP and Apple marketer David Roman has worked tirelessly to reposition the Chinese technology brand as an edgier global presence. So far, Roman’s efforts appear to be paying off, with Lenovo making impressive smartphone inroads to go with its existing PC dominance, bolstered by the acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Not only has Roman focused on Lenovo’s brand image, but has also ensured that the brand is a far more engaging presence, particularly online, where he has long been an avid advocate for crowdsourcing, influencer marketing and user-generated content. 

Can you share a moment in your career that you recognized PR's direct impact on business performance?
Excitement after big launch events.

What are the industry's biggest challenges and opportunities? 

How do you handle the unexpected?
Step by step

How do you relax?
running, skiing, sailing, hiking

Book/movie/TV show/podcast that teaches a valuable lesson about PR?
Game of Thrones

If I wasn't working in marketing/communications, I would be...
Film Director