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Elizabeth Rutledge

Chief Marketing Officer
American Express



Elizabeth Rutledge was named American Express’s CMO in February 2018, after a 25-year career that included, most recently, serving as EVP, global advertising & brand management. She was immediately operating at full-throttle, with American Express launching a rebranding initiative within months of her taking the job.
Under Rutledge’s watch, American Express now bills itself as the company “celebrating” the new reality of life and work being interconnected — and there to support consumers living in that world. Associated campaigns highlighted American Express’s array of services, and how they fit in with today’s multitasking lifestyle.

Rutledge was tapped for the top marketing job after a quarter-century in variety of roles at Amex. Before overseeing advertising and brand, Rutledge led card products and benefits and global network marketing and information groups.