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Steve Dowling

VP, Communications



Steve Dowling, who reports to CEO Tim Cook, has been responsible for Apple’s worldwide media relations and communications strategy, leading the public relations team as well as employee communications and corporate events, for the past five years.

He succeeded Katie Cotton, who stepped down from her post as Apple’s communications chief in 2014 after two decades with the company. At the time, there was speculation whether her successor would usher in a more friendly, approachable era for the company’s public relations. Dowling, who had been with the technology giant since 2003 and led Apple’s corporate public relations team for 10 years, has led the iconic brand through a relatively stable period, even if President Trump famously called his boss "Tim Apple" in a meeting this spring.

Before joining Apple, Dowling worked as a broadcast journalist at CNBC, first as a writer and producer in the network’s Washington, D.C. bureau. He later established CNBC’s Silicon Valley bureau and served as bureau chief.