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Cheryl Goh

Group VP of Marketing 



As marketing and communications chief at one of the world’s fastest-growing startups, Cheryl Goh has played a pivotal role in driving Grab’s remarkable user growth, country expansion and service diversification. Goh’s deep experience in digital engagement has helped to underpin this approach, helping Grab see off the challenge from Uber and consolidate its new positioning that includes offering far more services than just rides.

In the process, Goh has emerged as an eloquent advocate for marketing transformation, particularly in terms of understanding business objectives and technology. Under her leadership, furthermore, Grab’s marketing team has taken over customer experience and customer complaints. “I think, beyond just marketing, we have to think very hard about the customer experience,” Goh told the Drum last year. “Another example is across the region, there are a lot of now privacy concerns. So, as marketers, we have to think very deeply and to use things like personalization and intelligence when it comes to our marketing communication tools.”

Goh has spent a decade in leadership roles in the digital space, mostly in technology companies such as MOL Global and Friendster. She also headed The New Straits Times Press Group’s digital arm and served as group digital GM at Nissan Malaysia.